Bed Bug Control St Catharines

Bed Bug Control St Catharines

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Bed bugs are believed to have originally traveled to the United States from Europe in the 17th century. But recently, as you may have heard in the news, bed bugs have made a big time comeback. Bed bugs are fast moving insects that are nocturnal blood-feeders. They feed mostly at night when their host is asleep. Bed bugs are most active at night and will bite exposed areas of skin while a person is sleeping. The face, arms, neck and hands, are common sites for bed bug bites.

Bed bugs can live in any area of the home but tend to be found in areas where people sleep like beds and other furniture. They do not infest the sleeping surfaces of beds as much as cracks and crevices associated with the bed frame and mattress. Bed bugs can be seen mostly in the bed that?s why they were called such name. But they can also infest in other places such as your furniture and other wooden structure in your house or even in any small tiny places that they can thrive. Bed bugs can not fly and prefer to hide close to their hosts when not feeding. Bed bugs can live for up to a year without feeding.

Bed bugs can be very difficult to control, even for trained professionals. Many insecticides are not effective at killing the eggs, so a repeat treatment is often necessary to kill the juveniles after they hatch. Bed bugs can live in our beds, but they are active at night and must hide by day, often under the buttons on mattresses, or in the seams along the edges. They also slip into the slots where the bed frame slides into the headboard and footboard. Bed bugs can live on clothing from infested homes and may be spread by a person unknowingly wearing infested clothing.